ILGPU.Lightning Release Versions

Version v0.3.0

  • Updated project to .Net Standard 2.0. (Community Request)
  • Changed native library content types to none.
  • Adapted RNG methods.
  • Removed obsolete functionality.

Version v0.2.0

  • Note that this version introduces several API changes. All functionality is still available for backwards compatibility. However, obsolete functionality will be removed in the next version. Refer to the upgrade guide to upgrade your project:
  • The LightningContext class is no longer required and is marked as obsolete. All functions are now implemented as extension methods to Accelerator objects.
  • Added backwards compatibility for obsolete lightning API.
  • Added several random-number generators.
  • Added support for Cuda 9.0.
  • Adapted lightning library to new ILGPU features.

Version v0.1.4

  • Disabled FastMath by default and added additional predefined flag configurations.

Version v0.1.3

  • Fixed too strict extent checks in ArrayViewExtensions.

Version v0.1.2

  • Fixed critical issues in segmented radix sort.
  • Fixed critical issues in reduction algorithms.
  • Added array-view extensions.
  • Added vector (System.Numerics.VectorX) and array extensions.
  • Added debug and release versions to NuGet package. Reason: Exceptions are not allowed in GPU code but debug assertions are allowed. Release builds do not contain assertions. Hence, debug assemblies are are required for proper error messages in GPU kernels during development.